Movie Cancelled

I am sooo out of it. So tired. So tired.

Just a few things here tonight:

* SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER! … for a while.

* The movie is absolutely not happening now. It may be coming back as something different, but with Jeremy leaving, all the cogs just fell apart. The good news: The scene we shot is not going to go to waste. It should serve as a fine short or skit. It won’t go to waste, this I promise.

* I have two tests tomorrow, and then the weekend. I’m psyched for the weekend. I needs it bad.

* I am both excited and dismayed by the new Superman Returns trailer. Kevin Spacey seems to be hamming up the part of Luthor too much, and I’m still have trouble seeing Routh in the role. My only other problem is that whole Lois Lane having a kid thing, but hopefully, it’s not really hers, just her fiance’s. I am hoping, hoping, hoping. Please, Bryan… I beg of you… NOOOO!

* Star Trek: J.J. Abrams? Ben Affleck? Captain Kirk? FEH!

That’s it, folks.

Ps. tom petty!