Six Hours to Edit One Minute of Film

My brain is burning. Like literally. My head is killing me, and yet I still listen to Kid A by Radiohead at really loud volumes. I’ve been listening to loud music all day, like music cranked up to insane volumes, from Bob Dylan to Tom Petty to Taj Mahal to The Grateful Dead to David Gray to Pink Floyd, Little Pieces of Me, and finally Radiohead.

I went with Chris to Birmingham. I would have called Ham folk to come hang out, but the fact was, I was editing a short film, and it took me something like six hours to edit about a minute together. So it was long day stuff, and it even brought Chris to sleep most of the day on the couch. But I had some fun editing, and uh… yeah. I am so tired. So tired. Going to bed now. G’night.

Published by David C. Roberson

Writer/Director/Actor I created and run Maladjusted Productions, a small video production company that creates sketch comedy and web series.

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