I Told You It Was Coming… The Drifter is Online!

After what seems like an eternity, The Drifter is edited and online! What was to be a strange, dark full-length movie has turned into a strange, dark short film/comedy sketch… I hope you guys enjoy it, and subscribe to my youtube account!

Written by David C. Roberson

Directed by David C. Roberson & Matt Carroll

Starring David C. Roberson, Spencer Roeder, Ashley Roberson, Nick Munkachy, and Conor Munkachy as The Drifter

Published by David C. Roberson

Writer/Director/Actor I created and run Maladjusted Productions, a small video production company that creates sketch comedy and web series. http://www.maladjusted.tv

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  1. wow, in all that life has to bring for entertainment that had to be one of those moments in time that I will debate over. Overall…yeah it was good. I liked it. Nice background music.

  2. That was cool. I mean, some of it was really dark, and with all your facial hair, you look like you’re a walking Chewbacca silouhette. Spencer was pretty funny, I liked his lines.
    That baby thing was so random.

    1. Yeah, a lot of it was dark, we didn’t have much lighting going on. I -did- look like a walking Chewbacca silouhette. haha. Spence was great, he was, aside from baby Connor, the most professional one of us there. I pretty much wrote him as the guy with the goods, line-wise. He’s the guy with the answers.
      Yeah, I thought the random baby thing was funny, but it seems that some people don’t “get” that it’s supposed to be funny because it’s random. Was it good random or bad random?

    1. Yeah, oddly, the ladies seemed to like that grotesque thing. I dunno, I couldn’t hang with it for too long…
      The concept was strange, but it was, as I think I’ve said, part of a larger movie that got pushed aside for school and actors moving away.

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