More Videos Coming Your Way!!!

Maladjusted Productions is still at work–we have two brand spanking new videos in the can awaiting edit as well as a couple of old videos that must be slightly reworked. The ideas are flowing like wine these days, and our biggest problem is finding the time, budget, and actors to get them made. But God willing, they will make their way to the public in time.
Our Facebook page is new, so it doesn’t have many fans yet. If you’ve seen our videos and liked them, we would appreciate you passing it along to someone else. If you don’t, we would appreciate an honest critique telling us why. We’re looking to better ourselves and our craft!
If you’re on Youtube, you can see our stuff in the links above and below.
Lastly, we are posting videos at this very moment. Not our usual fare, but interesting stuff nonetheless. Please let us know what you think, and thanks for reading!

-David C. Roberson, Maladjusted Productions

Published by David C. Roberson

Writer/Director/Actor I created and run Maladjusted Productions, a small video production company that creates sketch comedy and web series.

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