New Mac Parody: iYOU!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a duplicate of yourself that would engage in all of the unsavory duties of life for you?  Well, a new Mac parody video answers that very question.  We’ll post the video after the jump. Continue reading

Currently In Production…

Hiya, gang!  Just thought I’d pop in to give you folks an update on what’s going on with Maladjusted Productions!

Currently, I am searching the Earth for any freeware video editing program that will allow me to use multiple video/audio tracks and color correct.  Having a bit of a problem finding one, honestly.

I’m also working on a brand new comedy sketch with Jason Goss.  It’s in post-production now, specifically in the editing stages.  It’s taking some time as Jason and his magnificent computer is in Trussville.  Getting out there takes some doing when you have a full-time job.

There is still the matter of The Curmudgeon’s Perspective.  I just started the second season, and am working on ideas for the second episode.  Finding the editing software (mentioned above) would be instrumental in me getting all of the remainder of season one up and running again.

Also lingering is the shot-but-unseen “Simply Terrible Dance Moves II” and the once-seen-but-not-for-a-while “The Drifter” which needs to be edited for copyright content.  Hopefully, I will get around to posting these again someday.  Again, I really need that editing freeware.

Besides all of that, I am also working on getting a Maladjusted Productions merch store up and running.  It’s not the most pertinent thing at the moment, but I think it could be fun to see Dancebot on a T-shirt. What do you guys think?
That’s it for now!  Seeya soon!

-David C. Roberson, Maladjusted Productions