Craziness All Around!

Dave here. So things have gone a bit mad. It looks as if I am going to be moving out of the apartment in roughly 17 days. You know the one. The apartment seen in such Maladjusted Productions as “The Shake”, “Jock-Blockers”, and “Dancebot”

Regardless, here’s where MP is heading nowadays:

Matt has largely taken a smaller role to focus on his music, and I have been re-editing Season One of The Curmudgeon’s Perspective and re-posting it. Why would I do such a thing you ask? Here’s why:

1) A number of subscribers on our youtube page have requested that I put them back up. It’s why they subscribed in the first place way back in 2007.

2) What good is a second season without a first? That’s right, I’m preparing all new episodes of The Curmudgeon’s Perspective. Love it or hate it, it gets responses.

“Simply Terrible Dance Moves 2” is still waiting on an edit. Maybe some day I will get to it. Hopefully some day soon.

“The Drifter”, our first official video hasn’t been touched. I would have to do a fair amount of ADR on it, and right now that isn’t one of my biggest priorities, honestly. I’ve been more interested in writing/editing scripts for NEW videos.

Anyway. That’s it for me. Take ‘er easy.

-David C. Roberson

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Spencer, my soon-to-be brother-in-law, has informed me that he doesn’t like The Curmudgeon’s Perspective because of all the quick edits…This video is for Spencer…

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