Henry Cavill in Talks for Multiple DC Films

Henry Cavill in Talks for Multiple DC Films

Get: Henry Cavill in Talks for Multiple DC Films

Henry Cavill looks to be back for multiple DC films, Snyder’s Justice League seems to need much more than $30 million to complete, plus our Lantern Spectrum alignment, and other listener questions!

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On this episode: *New Apple Podcasts Contest *HBO Officially Uses DCEU Designation *Henry Cavill Looks to be Back as Superman with Complications *Snyder’s Justice League Will Cost More Than $30 Million *Henry Cavill May Need to Film Reshoots *More Knightmare Sequences Are Coming *How Snyder Influenced Suicide Squad *How BvS and Deadpool Changed Suicide Squad *Cathy Yan Knows Ayer’s Pain *James Gunn Supports Ayer Cut *John Murphy is Scoring The Suicide Squad *Wonder Woman 1984 Pushed to August *WB in Talks with Margot Robbie About a New Harley Quinn Film? *The Batman Likely to Begin Shooting Again Soon *HBO Max DC Originals Will Have Much Bigger Budget Than CW Shows *J.J. Abrams Pitched Justice League Dark Himself *Doom Patrol Is Currently the Only DC Universe Series Moving to HBO Max *Supergirl Season 5 Is Now on Netflix *Lucifer Star Tom Ellis Officially Returning For Season 6 on Netflix *Must There Be a Superman? *The Truth About the Pipeline Toilets *Someone’s Listening to All Our Old Episodes! *Brent Can’t Refute Our Flash Opinions *What Spectrum of the Lantern Corps Do We Align With Most? *What Are the Weakest Seasons of The Flash *Should DCCW Lower Episode Counts? *Can Superman Beat Flash? *How Likely is Swamp Thing Season 2 on CW? *DC Band: Giving Our 4-man Line Up

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                    The Flash Season 6 Review

                    The Flash Season 6 Review

                    Get: The Flash Season 6 Review

                    The Flash: Season 6 is what we’re reviewing in this episode! Get ready to hear us talk about what we liked and (oh-ho!) what we DID. NOT.

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                                      The Snyder Cut Shall be Released on HBOMax in 2021!

                                      Zack Snyder's Justice League is being Released on HBOMax |DC on SCREEN podcast

                                      Get: The Snyder Cut Shall be Released on HBOMax in 2021!

                                      Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League is being released on HBOMax! Can David Ayer’s Suicide Squad be far behind? Where does this leave the DCEU? Plus, Ruby Rose has left ‘Batwoman’! Where does this leave season 2?

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                                      On This Episode: *Jason Eats Hat and Crow *A Special Ad From a Special Sponsor *Zack Snyder’s Justice League to Release on HBOMax in 2021 *Will a Deathstroke Film Be Viable Post-Snyder Cut? *Bullying Vs. Supply and Demand *What Other Heroes Would We Like to See in The Justice League? *Thoughts on Cavill’s Future as Superman *David Ayer’s Suicide Squad Exists and is Easy to Complete! *AT&T Gives Hope for Ayer Cut While Ayer Talks Cut Scenes *Is Ben Affleck’s Batman Film Still a Possibility? *Has Robert Pattinson Been Fired in Favor of Ben? *Justice Society of America Being Considered Based on Black Adam Performance *Ruby Rose Exits Batwoman with Role to be Recast *The Reasons Ruby Left *Guggenheim Talks Creative Opportunity of Recasting *Actresses Who Actually Want to Be Kate Kane *The Flash Season 6 Is Now on Netflix *The Flash Season 6 Blu-ray to Include All Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Episodes


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                                                        It’s Happening. (5 Year Anniversary Episode)

                                                        It's Happening DC on SCREEN 5 year Anniversary Episode

                                                        Get: It’s Happening. (5 Year Anniversary Episode)

                                                        The Snyder Cut is Happening, say industry insiders! If Tenet moves, Wonder Woman moves! Robert Pattinson has become sedentary in quarantine, and Colin Farrell isn’t “All over” The Batman. Plus, the DCCW shows are delayed until January 2021, Swamp Thing season 1 is coming to CW, Green Arrow and the Canaries is still very much alive, Titans spin-offs are being considered for DC Universe, and Doom Patrol season 2 gets a premiere date! We’re also taking your comments, questions, and congratulatory anniversary voicemails!

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                                                        Colin Farrell on The Batman | 

                                                        Robert Pattinson’s Lack of Working Out | 

                                                        Wonder Woman 1984 Set to Move if Tenet Moves | 

                                                        Zack Snyder’s Justice League Probably Happening | 

                                                        Most CW Shows Delayed to 2021

                                                        The CW President on Swamp Thing Season 2 | 

                                                        Green Arrow and the Canaries Still Very Much Alive | 

                                                        Superman & Lois Has an Airdate and Synopsis | 

                                                        DC Universe Considering Titans Spinoff  | 

                                                        Doom Patrol Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed by HBO Max |

                                                        Listener Feedback:

                                                        Brent of Fans Without Borders & Marvel Squadcast

                                                        Eli Hernandez


                                                        Matthew Salvatore

                                                        Michael Woodall

                                                        Myrtle Manis, The Old Widder Woman 

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                                                                          Pike, Spock, and Number One are officially getting their own…

                                                                          Pike, Spock, and Number One are officially getting their own series! We talk all about it along with Picard Season 2 news, Discovery Season 3 news, Lower Decks updates, and more!

                                                                          *Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Announced!

                                                                          *Startling Events Coming for Picard Season 2

                                                                          *A Tonal Shift Coming for Discovery

                                                                          *Bryan Fuller’s Original Mirrorverse Plan

                                                                          *Lower Decks, How it Fits Into Canon, and When It’s Coming

                                                                          *Is Captain Proton Making a Return?

                                                                          *Massive Rebrand for CBSAllAccess Is Coming

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                                                                          Goldfinger (1964)

                                                                          In THIS episode of Breaking Bond, we’ll be talking about 1964’s Goldfinger Starring: Sean Connery as James Bond Honor Blackman – Pussy Galore Gert Frobe – Auric Goldfinger Harold Sakata – Oddjob Cec Linder – Felix Leiter Directed by Guy Hamilton The action, gadgets, and sex are all amped up for Goldfinger, but so too are the sound effects, cringe jokes, and sexism! We’re talking 007 as he battles Auric Goldfinger and the oddball Oddjob for the fate of all the gold in Fort Knox! Listen to “Goldfinger (1964)” on Spreaker.

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                                                                          Baby Headbutts Girl in the Face!

                                                                          This isn’t really the kind of stuff I post often, but it was an awesome. I really wanted to share it with you guys!  My 8 month-old nephew headbutts my sister (his aunt) in the face!

                                                                          21 Things You Should Never Say to Your Girlfriend, Part II


                                                                          David C. Roberson

                                                                          Jason Goss

                                                                          Brandon Davis

                                                                          I Think, Part II | The Curmudgeon’s Perspective

                                                                          “I Think, Part II”

                                                                          Written & Performed


                                                                          David C. Roberson