DCoS Avatar BoP 2020

David C. Roberson and Jason Goss discuss the DC Comics multiverse on film and television, give honest opinions on projects upcoming and past, and believe that every version of a character is valid (if if they really don’t want it to be).

Listen to “DC on SCREEN” on Spreaker.

STUCast Picard Avatar

David C. Roberson and Matthew Carroll have been talking about Star Trek together for 30 years! Now that Star Trek is back with Discovery and Picard (and soon to be Section 31 and Lower Decks), it’s the perfect time to get back in, talk about the ethical dilemmas of humans in the future, and what new projects might be forthcoming from the streaming age!

Show Art

David C. Roberson have little to no history with the James Bond franchise, but with the final Daniel Craig film coming, they’ve decided to delve into the series’ rich cinematic history to uncover what (if anything) they’ve been missing!

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