It Would Appear That I Have Been Nudged… (Updated!)

For the very few of you who actually read my journal, I apologize for the absence as of late. I have been preoccupied with other things, projects I’ve been working on.

Matt and I just finished the seventh season of Deep Space Nine. It was the second time we’d seen it (the first since it was originally on the air). It was, of course, amazing. It got me all worked up for our own Star Trek fan-show that we’re in the very early pre-production stages of. I’ve simply been coming up with story ideas and doing research. I won’t say a lot, but I will say it’s set on an old, hobbled ship in the 23rd century (around TOS time-frame, but after “Balance of Terror”. Why that episode specifically? Go look and see who the adversaries are.

I’m working on writing some comedy sketches as well. It looks like there is some free space on the hard-drive finally, so my latest filmed sketch should make it to you guys very soon. I worked on it with 90scartoonman who wrote the vast majority of it and took the lead role. I directed and wrote a small amount… and played opposite Chris, of course. I’ll also be editing it. Ain’t I just a regular old Kevin Costner? ::shoots self in head::

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the videos from Maladjusted Productions lately, go check em out!

And go take a look around my t-shirt design store!

Later, guys

UPDATE:  The Star Trek fan show is officially put on hold–maybe scrapped.  Not enough time, money, etc.  As of this date, I am however working on a couple of scripts for what may become a low-budget Trek anthology series.  I’ll update as it progresses.