A Video Editing Nightmare

I know there are people out there who wonder what happened to more than 50% of the videos I once had posted on my youtube account. Those videos, in my mind, were and will always be a part of Maladjusted Productions, a part of the canon of my maturation (however much of that has arguably happened) as an artist in a visual medium. For those who wonder, perhaps they will stumble across this blog post.

The simple fact of the matter is, I was stupid when I was just starting out, and I believed that it was okay to use copyrighted music in my videos. That’s the majority of the reason for so many being gone. A couple of my videos were stripped from Youtube BY youtube, and I took the others down that had any violations. The other reason is because I was more… free with my language in those days, and I no longer felt that it accurately represented me in any way.

That being said, there are loads of things in those videos, the master tapes of those videos, that I would love to have out there, and I would love to take a crack at editing those old things again. Re-posting them. I have hours upon hours of workable footage sitting on a shelf (quite literally), and as it is, I have nothing to edit with.

I have searched for free editing software with even the capabilities of the OLD Windows Movie Maker (the program I used to make the vast majority of my old videos), and freeware programs just don’t have the capabilities. Most of the time, they don’t even WORK once you’ve downloaded them. Oddly, the newest version of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 is less impressive than its ten year-old counterpart.

I am blessed enough to have friends with very nice editing software, but the drive to their respective residences is very gas-consuming. And they have lives and things to do on their own computers. I can’t go over to their places every time I need to edit something. Had I the capability, I would be editing every free second to get more content out to our subscribers and out to the community in general. And my computer simply isn’t able to handle even the $49-&100 dollar range of video editing software.

I’m getting discouraged. My head is telling me to quit, but my heart is telling me to keep trudging through the muck until I find dry land.

Trudging on,
David C. Roberson, Maladjusted Productions

It Would Appear That I Have Been Nudged… (Updated!)

For the very few of you who actually read my journal, I apologize for the absence as of late. I have been preoccupied with other things, projects I’ve been working on.

Matt and I just finished the seventh season of Deep Space Nine. It was the second time we’d seen it (the first since it was originally on the air). It was, of course, amazing. It got me all worked up for our own Star Trek fan-show that we’re in the very early pre-production stages of. I’ve simply been coming up with story ideas and doing research. I won’t say a lot, but I will say it’s set on an old, hobbled ship in the 23rd century (around TOS time-frame, but after “Balance of Terror”. Why that episode specifically? Go look and see who the adversaries are.

I’m working on writing some comedy sketches as well. It looks like there is some free space on the hard-drive finally, so my latest filmed sketch should make it to you guys very soon. I worked on it with 90scartoonman who wrote the vast majority of it and took the lead role. I directed and wrote a small amount… and played opposite Chris, of course. I’ll also be editing it. Ain’t I just a regular old Kevin Costner? ::shoots self in head::

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the videos from Maladjusted Productions lately, go check em out!

And go take a look around my t-shirt design store!

Later, guys

UPDATE:  The Star Trek fan show is officially put on hold–maybe scrapped.  Not enough time, money, etc.  As of this date, I am however working on a couple of scripts for what may become a low-budget Trek anthology series.  I’ll update as it progresses.

The Cold Has Arrived

I’m sitting in the second floor computer room in Taylor Center out here at AUM. I’m wearing this gray, zip-up hoodie–it’s annoying as the sleeves are too short for my Frankenstein monster-like arms. The first chill of the season has arrived, and I find that I’m not exactly looking forward to the cold as I have in past years. In a little more than a week, I will turn twenty-three. I’m already an old man, physically. I ache when I experience a breeze.

It’s been about three weeks since I stopped drinking cokes. No more pop for Dave. Now that my body doesn’t shake for the caffeine and large doses of aspertame, I am feeling much better.

It’s funny, these days I’ve realized to great extent that any changes for the better that you make? They -have- to be for you. Because people will always judge you on your past, regardless of what you’ve changed. It’s sad but true.

So. The week is almost over, and the weekend holds a trip to Birmingham to work on the short again. Yep, again. Maybe we’ll finish it this week.

You Folk Deserve An Update…

* I finished editing the short film yesterday around 4:24 AM. It still needs some touch-up, some credits, and music, but we should be providing that for it tomorrow.

* Matt and I have started work on a Zombie film. Just jotting ideas and writing scenes. We might have an investor.

* Starting work on Superman: El on Earth comedy shorts. Writing, mostly.

* The first in a series of Podcasts from me has been filmed. It’s called “The Curmudgeon’s Perspective.” Editing while hopefully take place tomorrow. Shouldn’t be a big deal.

Question marks abound in regards to the future, but I don’t really mind right now. I’m enjoying the enigma of life at the moment.

Someone Shot My Spaghetti!

Hello, guys!

Well, after going nuts this past week moving, getting into shouting matches with my father about me getting a flat tire, and hitching a ride to Birmingham with my mom, I am finally working on my short film again. It’s not great, but hopefully it will give you all a chuckle to see faces and voices behind some of the folk I talk about… Anyhoo. I’m a very busy cat, and hopefully I will have this thing on Youtube and Myspace by the end of the weekend. But I really gots to bust my hump, so goodbye for now.


So. I’m really jazzed about a couple of projects coming up.

I don’t want to say too much about them now, but I’ll hopefully be done with one project very soon, and maybe I’ll even get a couple more done. Who knows? Maybe this is a new stage of productivity for the Dave?

Major things to accomplish:

Get computer set up to edit video. I can’t run to frickin Birmingham everytime I want to edit video!

Get my scanner fixed!

Get to cracking on things to frickin’ scan!

Nothing A Good Night’s Rest Won’t Settle

Interesting projects are on the horizon…

Started writin’ a movie, but another movie came up first, so it’s time for another documentary! Been writing that…

Goin’ to Birmingham tomorrow to see friends and work on editing the short film…

Six Hours to Edit One Minute of Film

My brain is burning. Like literally. My head is killing me, and yet I still listen to Kid A by Radiohead at really loud volumes. I’ve been listening to loud music all day, like music cranked up to insane volumes, from Bob Dylan to Tom Petty to Taj Mahal to The Grateful Dead to David Gray to Pink Floyd, Little Pieces of Me, and finally Radiohead.

I went with Chris to Birmingham. I would have called Ham folk to come hang out, but the fact was, I was editing a short film, and it took me something like six hours to edit about a minute together. So it was long day stuff, and it even brought Chris to sleep most of the day on the couch. But I had some fun editing, and uh… yeah. I am so tired. So tired. Going to bed now. G’night.