First Post

After months of having a wordpress account, I finally dive in.

I am not a stranger to blogging.  I was, for many years, an avid blogger on live journal, but as Stephen King so beautifully articulated in his Dark Tower series,”the world has moved on.”

So it is that while I am an aspiring writer, actor, director, producer, graphic designer, artist, and photographer, I must now add a new title to that gargantuan list of nomenclatures:  aspiring blogger of the modern world.

I will attempt to write every day, but I make no promises.  Topics will vary, I imagine, from Star Trek to the annals of Biblical law, conservative watch-dog pontificating, book and film reviews, how-to tutorials… I am, as my father often says, “full of it.”  Whatever it is, I promise to attempt some sort of intellectual entertainment.

Until next time, peace out, Home Skillet!

New Video: That Word (Don’t Make Me Say It Again) – The Dirty Spoons

Jeremy and I thought it would be fun to briefly resurrect the worst band of all time, our college band The Dirty Spoons.  Check it out. This is complete improvisation. The lyrics are below the video…


Work-out mat,
convenient and for
easy carrying.

I see you sitting on the mantel piece,
just sitting there next to my change
Sitting next to my change
I see you sitting there
Next to my change,
Sitting next to my change
Sitting there next to a home video
of me and my friend singing badly,
playing badly as we are now,
a new song for you,
you ungrateful mother-

I don’t want to say that word,
but I will if you make me!

Oh,oh,oh,oh, oh, oh, oh,
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
Don’t make me say that word again!
Don’t make me say that word!
Oh, oh, oh!
Don’t make me say that word again!
Don’t make me say that word
that I’ve used so many times.