New Video: The Shake

What kind of hand shake do YOU have?

New Video: Simply Terrible Dance Moves

A parody of Brandon Hardesty’s Unconventional Dance Moves.  Check out his channel here:

New Video: Boomerang

This is a video that I helped out on in that I played the butler. The video was conceived and directed by Matt Carroll. It stars Spencer Roeder, Tamara Spann, and myself as the Butler.

New Video – 10 Questions: The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 14

10 Questions answered by no one’s favorite Curmudgeon:


New Video: The Cutting Room Floor: The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 12

Spencer, my soon-to-be brother-in-law, has informed me that he doesn’t like The Curmudgeon’s Perspective because of all the quick edits…This video is for Spencer…

New Video – Family Frankenstein: The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 13

Know what I really hate? When people tell you who you look like…

New Video – Racism: The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 11