A Tough Time Keeping Up

I have such a tough time keeping up with all of my online endeavors. It’s really getting insane. I rarely post or read anything on Live Journal anymore these days, and I hate that. I’m too busy working on stuff for Youtube, Myspace, Deviant Art, and my online t-shirt store. SIGH. I wish things were more simple, like everything was linked to one site, and I’m now attempting to do that to some degree. Is there any way to post to Live Journal and have it show up as a blog post on Myspace? It already does on my Facebook, which is proper tidy if you ask me. I should look into it, I suppose. I’m a veritable well of creativity springing forth and spilling over.

Well, I’m here to ask you, my trusted few, my loving readers to help (because all honest folk need help). I would very much appreciate you folks taking a look at my online store, http://www.skreened.com/dcrdesigns

They give ten percent of their profits to Hope for Asia. So if you see anything on my store that you dig, don’t hesitate to buy it. HAHAHA. Tell your friends!

Anyway, I’ll try to post more here, and see if I can’t latch it onto my myspace blog.

Later, folks.