Badder Than Ole King Kong, Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog

Well now!

Looks like things are coming together. I have some mighty interesting things going on soon, let me preach on it.

I got things squared away with the school, so looks like I’m going to class again this fall! I’m taking some interesting courses, so hopefully it will be enough to keep me interested enough to pass everything. I’m actually looking forward to it, I think.

Here are my classes:

Introduction to Social Welfare (to help me with that Sociology minor)
Adolescent Literature (Topher E.’s in this class with me!)
Photography 1 (I’ve been wanting to take this forever, but I just wish it wasn’t so danged early in the morning!)
Stage Lighting (I figure this will help with filming movies)

Anyway. I’ve written my first script for a new series of videos that will hopefully become pod-casts!