New Video – The Girlfriend Situation: The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 10

Apparently, Laura from Birmingham doesn’t think I’ll ever be able to get a girlfriend! Here’s my response…

New Video: Knocked Up Review (Cell Phones In Movies): The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 7

What’s more annoying than trying to watch a movie while teenagers are on their phones?  Not a lot….

New Video – OMG! Girls Can’t Read! (Girls in Alabama): The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 4

If the Internet is any proof, girls are illiterate. In this video, I rant a bit on Myspace girls in particular…

New Video – The State of Star Trek: The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 3

Horrible rumors are going around in regards to the new Star Trek movie directed by J. J. Abrams… I offer my thoughts on the State of Star Trek and my unease with Matt Damon’s rumored role as James Kirk…

New Video: Hinder – Lips of An Angel – The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 2

In this video, I analyze Hinder’s “Lips of An Angel,” and explain why I hate the song with every fiber of my being.