Late Halloween Specials…

So it’s November 4th, and I’m still kicking myself for not having the Maladjusted Halloween Special complete. Or as it’s actually called, “The First Annual Maladjusted Half-Hour Halloween Variety Special”…  It is finally completed as of about 30 seconds ago, all rendered, exported, and ready to be uploaded to the inter webs.  I remain extremely doubtful that anyone will actually sit through 30 minutes, but it seemed a fun project to tackle, and my new rule is, “Stop thinking so much about metrics, internet users, and SEO and JUST PRODUCE CONTENT YOU ENJOY!”  So that’s what’s happening now.

Along with the 30 minute Special, I’ll also be posting 3 new comedy sketches.  One is a “lost” Halloween episode of Hey Guy! That takes place around season 2.  Another is a very strange comedic short film called El Muerto en Español… and the last is a Batman parody sketch called Batman: The Short Halloween.  All three are included in the 30-minute special.  The reason for posting them separately is for those people who don’t want to sit down for 30 minutes to watch our weird crap for that long.  There are other bits in the 30 minute piece.  Actually, quite a bit more.  But these seemed good to also show as single videos.  Especially considering the 30 minute special has a laugh track.  Yeah. We went there.  Anyway, these will be posted some time tonight!

New Video: Composure

A short film by Matt Carroll, Composure is a time lapse piece chronicling the creation of a painting by Spencer Roeder…

Goodbye 2006

2006 was really pretty annoying. It wasn’t at all what I’d hoped, but one good thing happened: I got a short film accomplished and I wrote the first draft of a novel. Not bad, eh? But when you compare it to all the other crap that went down, it’s like saying, “Oh, well it’s too bad that tornado struck that orphanage and killed all of those kids, but at least it didn’t hit the post office next door!”

Meh, I don’t even care to finish this. I’ll just hope for better this year.

Nothing A Good Night’s Rest Won’t Settle

Interesting projects are on the horizon…

Started writin’ a movie, but another movie came up first, so it’s time for another documentary! Been writing that…

Goin’ to Birmingham tomorrow to see friends and work on editing the short film…

Movie Cancelled

I am sooo out of it. So tired. So tired.

Just a few things here tonight:

* SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER! … for a while.

* The movie is absolutely not happening now. It may be coming back as something different, but with Jeremy leaving, all the cogs just fell apart. The good news: The scene we shot is not going to go to waste. It should serve as a fine short or skit. It won’t go to waste, this I promise.

* I have two tests tomorrow, and then the weekend. I’m psyched for the weekend. I needs it bad.

* I am both excited and dismayed by the new Superman Returns trailer. Kevin Spacey seems to be hamming up the part of Luthor too much, and I’m still have trouble seeing Routh in the role. My only other problem is that whole Lois Lane having a kid thing, but hopefully, it’s not really hers, just her fiance’s. I am hoping, hoping, hoping. Please, Bryan… I beg of you… NOOOO!

* Star Trek: J.J. Abrams? Ben Affleck? Captain Kirk? FEH!

That’s it, folks.

Ps. tom petty!