Baby Headbutts Girl in the Face!

This isn’t really the kind of stuff I post often, but it was an awesome. I really wanted to share it with you guys!  My 8 month-old nephew headbutts my sister (his aunt) in the face!

Hey Guy! | Episode 100: Ultimum Suum Verbum In Diem (SERIES FINALE)

“The problem isn’t that you’ve made poor decisions in your life. The problem is that you’ve made poor decisions in our lives!”


David C. Roberson

Jason Goss

Brandon Davis

Jeff Hunt

Spencer Roeder

The Maladjusted Family Just Got A Little Bigger…

Spencer, Ashley, and Eli


I’m not much for sentimentality, generally speaking. However in this case, I’m making an exception.

In March of 2006, I wanted to make a feature-length film. I had most of a script written, and because of scheduling conflicts, I decided on a whim to write in one very weird scene. Within 48 hours of having said attack of whimsy, I had shot that scene. The rest of the film never got made, but that one bit of footage became the very first Maladjusted production, “The Drifter.” Besides myself, it starred Spencer Roeder and Ashley Roeder (back when her surname matched mine).

I’ve known Ashley since I was 3 years old. She is, as many of you know, my sister.

Spencer I’ve known since we were teenagers (I’d prefer to feign ignorance on the math there), and became close friends in college.

When Spencer and Ashley began their courtship, it wasn’t a surprise to me. The only astonishment I felt was over the fact that it hadn’t happened sooner. They were married in November of 2007.

Over the years, they’ve both been involved in Maladjusted Productions. Aside from being in “The Drifter”, Ashley also took part in the 5th episode of “The Curmudgeon’s Perspective” where she graciously allowed me to murder her and stuff her in a black garbage bag. Spencer has been involved much more, collaborating in Matt Carroll‘s “Boomerang” and “Composure”, my “Simply Terrible Dance Moves”, and 28 episodes of “Hey Guy!”

None of those collaborations can be compared, I think (and hope), to the one they introduced to the world this morning at 12:02 am:


His name is Elijah “Eli” Thomas Roeder. He is 6 pounds, 8 ounces.

I have a feeling he may well be maladjusted as his parents before him.

Show them all some love, folks.

-Uncle David C. Roberson

Hey Guy! Season 4 Announcement!

Hey Guy! Season 4 will be uploaded in its entirety on December 20, 2012.  The new season will not be without changes.  As with every season of Hey Guy!, there will be a new location, but this season offers a change in cast as well.  Joining David C. Roberson (me) in Season 4 will be Spencer Roeder, a face that may be familiar to you if you happened to see his contributions in earlier Maladjusted projects (links will be provided below).

Title Card for Hey Guy! Season 4

Hey Guy! Season 4 stars David C. Roberson and Spencer Roeder in an improvisational comedy web series


When we last left Hey Guy!, the main guy (David C. Roberson) decided to leave his buddy of the 2nd and 3rd season (Jason Goss) with a mountain of debt and legal charges (all of which he caused) to pursue retirement in Florida where he would spend an undetermined amount of time (“about a week”) with an old friend.  And that’s where season 4 kicks off.

For those not aware, Hey Guy! is a web series created by David C. Roberson, and it is completely improvised.  There is no script, and no cuts within any given episode.  Given the improvisational nature of the program, there is no set time for an episode, nor are there a set number of episodes in any season. There will be 29 episodes in Season 4.

If you would like to see the other seasons of Hey Guy!, you can click on the links provided below.

If you enjoy Hey Guy!, please share it with your friends!  Our fans continue to be an inspiration, and we would love to hear your constructive criticisms as well as any praise you might have for us!


Hey Guy! Season One Starring David C. Roberson & Jeff Hunt

Hey Guy! Season Two Starring David C. Roberson & Jason Goss

Hey Guy! Season Three Starring David C. Roberson & Jason Goss

The Drifter starring David C. Roberson, Spencer Roeder, Ashley Roeder, and Conor Munkachy

Composure (A Speed Painting) by Spencer Roeder

Simply Terrible Dance Moves by David C. Roberson & Spencer Roeder

Boomerang starring Spencer Roeder

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