Batman & Star Trek Parodies, Plus More Video Diaries & Curmudgeon’s Perspective Coming Your Way

Hi, all.
Dave here with a small update.  I’ve been hard at work editing Batman Vs. The Economy, a fun little parody sketch that Jason Goss and I devised about a year ago.  There have been many obstacles in our path, but I believe you will be seeing it sometime next week.  In addition to that video, you should also be seeing Maladjusted Video Diary # 3 popping up around the same time.  As for what’s coming down the road, Maladjusted is looking to weight itself with geek cred by producing a couple of Star Trek parodies and brand new episodes of The Curmudgeon’s Perspective.  Not enough?  Hey Guy! Season 4 is already shot, and I’ll have that posted in full come December.  Do us a favor and get the word out! Share, comment, and subscribe where ever you can, and let us know what you think of our content:-)

-David C. Roberson,

Maladjusted Productions


Shit Star Trek Fans Say

Maladjusted Productions has created its own parody of viral video success “Shit Girls Say”, and we’ve created it for the Star Trek fans of the world…

Shit Star Trek Fans Say

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2012 = Lots More Content

For Maladjusted Productions, 2012 will mean LOTS MORE CONTENT.  With 60 videos to our credit, we have decided to kick it into overdrive.  Here are the goals for Maladjusted Productions in the coming year:

* TWO MORE SEASONS of “Hey Guy!”

The second season of our bizarre web series “Hey Guy!” will hit weekly in January 2012!  Oh, yeah… it’s in full 1080 HD.  A rough filming of it is already in the can, and a second permanent shoot will be commencing soon.  The weird thing?  Season Three is already finished. Go figure.


*Batman Sketches!

Jason Goss and myself have almost completed our first Batman comedy sketch, “The Dark Knight Vs. The Economy.”  Being that the studio is one-bedroom apartment, filming, scheduling, etc. have remained difficult.  Regardless, this is happening.  It’s almost finished.  I promise.  What comes next is a series of Batman sketches that we came up with while filming this one… wacky.


* Star Trek Sketches!

I’m a huge Trekkie, and well, I’ve had a few ideas for Star Trek sketches over the years.  I will attempt to finally produce those soon!


* The Curmudgeon’s Perspective Returns!

The original commentary series by myself (David C. Roberson) returns.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There is much more in the works at the moment, but I can’t really say much about that at the given time.  We are trying to  up our Youtube subscriber base, so please go check out our channel and subscribe!  Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon!


-David C. Roberson,

Maladjusted Productions

First Post

After months of having a wordpress account, I finally dive in.

I am not a stranger to blogging.  I was, for many years, an avid blogger on live journal, but as Stephen King so beautifully articulated in his Dark Tower series,”the world has moved on.”

So it is that while I am an aspiring writer, actor, director, producer, graphic designer, artist, and photographer, I must now add a new title to that gargantuan list of nomenclatures:  aspiring blogger of the modern world.

I will attempt to write every day, but I make no promises.  Topics will vary, I imagine, from Star Trek to the annals of Biblical law, conservative watch-dog pontificating, book and film reviews, how-to tutorials… I am, as my father often says, “full of it.”  Whatever it is, I promise to attempt some sort of intellectual entertainment.

Until next time, peace out, Home Skillet!

It Would Appear That I Have Been Nudged… (Updated!)

For the very few of you who actually read my journal, I apologize for the absence as of late. I have been preoccupied with other things, projects I’ve been working on.

Matt and I just finished the seventh season of Deep Space Nine. It was the second time we’d seen it (the first since it was originally on the air). It was, of course, amazing. It got me all worked up for our own Star Trek fan-show that we’re in the very early pre-production stages of. I’ve simply been coming up with story ideas and doing research. I won’t say a lot, but I will say it’s set on an old, hobbled ship in the 23rd century (around TOS time-frame, but after “Balance of Terror”. Why that episode specifically? Go look and see who the adversaries are.

I’m working on writing some comedy sketches as well. It looks like there is some free space on the hard-drive finally, so my latest filmed sketch should make it to you guys very soon. I worked on it with 90scartoonman who wrote the vast majority of it and took the lead role. I directed and wrote a small amount… and played opposite Chris, of course. I’ll also be editing it. Ain’t I just a regular old Kevin Costner? ::shoots self in head::

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the videos from Maladjusted Productions lately, go check em out!

And go take a look around my t-shirt design store!

Later, guys

UPDATE:  The Star Trek fan show is officially put on hold–maybe scrapped.  Not enough time, money, etc.  As of this date, I am however working on a couple of scripts for what may become a low-budget Trek anthology series.  I’ll update as it progresses.

New Video: The Cutting Room Floor: The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 12

Spencer, my soon-to-be brother-in-law, has informed me that he doesn’t like The Curmudgeon’s Perspective because of all the quick edits…This video is for Spencer…

New Video – The State of Star Trek: The Curmudgeon’s Perspective # 3

Horrible rumors are going around in regards to the new Star Trek movie directed by J. J. Abrams… I offer my thoughts on the State of Star Trek and my unease with Matt Damon’s rumored role as James Kirk…