Baby Headbutts Girl in the Face!

This isn’t really the kind of stuff I post often, but it was an awesome. I really wanted to share it with you guys!  My 8 month-old nephew headbutts my sister (his aunt) in the face!

I haven’t written in the longest time…

…but then, it happens that way sometimes, and I’m afraid I’ve just been too busy as of late to really tear into any Live Journal updates.

As my youtube videos have mentioned, I’m working about 55-60 hours a week nowadays, so my sleep schedule is achingly more… ugh… normal. That means I have virtually no time to record videos in peace and quiet as my entire family stays up later than I do.

I’m working on a video right now (not at this moment–it would require quiet), and I’m just basting in the last days of summer, wishing it was officially fall again. Fall is my favorite time of the year, mainly because it’s not usually too hot or too cold. The skies are more gray, and the leaves are simply beautiful, cascading down in oranges and reds and yellows. It’s such a nice time of the year.

I’m eagerly awaiting all of the things coming up in December. I’ll be quitting my job sometime mid-December, and I’ll be going on a cruise for an entire week with my best friend. That should be fun! Then I’ll have the whole rest of the month off to get things together, do my stand-up comedy show at the end of the year, and move to Birmingham. Interesting times are good sometimes, despite the old Chinese curse.

You Folk Deserve An Update…

* I finished editing the short film yesterday around 4:24 AM. It still needs some touch-up, some credits, and music, but we should be providing that for it tomorrow.

* Matt and I have started work on a Zombie film. Just jotting ideas and writing scenes. We might have an investor.

* Starting work on Superman: El on Earth comedy shorts. Writing, mostly.

* The first in a series of Podcasts from me has been filmed. It’s called “The Curmudgeon’s Perspective.” Editing while hopefully take place tomorrow. Shouldn’t be a big deal.

Question marks abound in regards to the future, but I don’t really mind right now. I’m enjoying the enigma of life at the moment.

Scene Filmed

It’s late, and I’m sick. I know I should be drugged and resting, but I can’t sleep, so I thought I would catch you folks up on what’s been going on with the movie.

It all started on Thursday, the 16th. I had resolved to go to Birmingham to hang out with Spencer, Matt, and Ryan. My reason for going was to film a scene for my as-yet-untitled movie, a scene that involved both my friend Nick and his son Conor. Ashley, my sister, and Spencer was to play a married couple in the scene.

Thursday night, I picked my sister up from class, and we headed to Birmingham after slight delay. When we got there, we hung out with Ryan, Spencer, Matt, and Jade, as well as Bailey, Brooke’s sister (Brooke is the woman who lives below Matt, Ryan, and Spencer).

Friday, the 17th:

I don’t remember most of the day, but we set up shop in the apartment–we were readying ourselves for the shoot when Nick gave us the bad news via his cellphone, that Kellee (his wife) had taken the car seat with her. He would be unable to bring Conor over. With friend Tricia in tow, we drove to Nick and Kellee’s apartment, and prepared to shoot the scene. Three hours later, we called it a wrap. I think it went well.  Now to edit…